Do you trust VGMA to select deserved winners this year?


After every VGMA Award Night, the controversies about the choice of winners are the constants most major news stories. Whether the award goes to the true winner not, it all depends on the efficiency of the voting process. That is why there is the need to highlight these procedures to the public so that everyone will know what to do best in order for their favourites to bag various awards. Is the process transparent, airtight and reliable to satisfy fans of the music industry?

From previous models, Vodafone Ghana Music Award will maintain their 3 tier voting system, giving the choice to the public, the VGMA Academy and the VGMA Board. The picture below describes the power of each tier in the decision-making process.

For some categories, they deploy the 3 tier system. Such awards include, “Artiste of the Year”, the genre’s “Song of the Year” and “Artiste of the Year”. There are some categories they exclude the public. Examples, the technical ones like “Producer of the Year”.

What will you suggest Charterhouse do differently to uplift the integrity and fairness of the VGMA? Do you support the share given to the fans to choose the winner? Make your thoughts known.