Football: 9 players who played for both Chelsea and Manchester United.

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Chelsea is from English premier league and while Manchester United is also from English premier league. The both clubs play football for English league, they are also rated as best clubs in English league.

If we are talking about football league, English football league is number one, why?, because they has more fans than any other football league, and they play amazing football in the league, that is why the league is number one.

We are here to look at the 9 football players that play or played for both Chelsea and Manchester United, although the 9 players here are not the only players who played for Chelsea and Manchester United. We just want to pick 9 of them. So let's see the players that have played for both clubs.

1. Rademel Falcao.

2. Juan Mata.

3. George Graham.

4. Juan Sebastian Veron.

5. Nemanja Matic.

6. Romelu Lukaku.

7. Ray Wilkins.

8. Mark Hughes.

9. Paul Parker.

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