5 Possible Side Effects Of Corona Virus Vaccines


It is normal to experience side effects after receiving corona virus vaccines. This means that, the vaccine is teaching your body's immune system how to protect itself from the disease and therefore, not everyone experiences such.

The first possible side effect is tenderness, swelling or redness at the injection site. This is a normal process as the medicine will have started working on the body's immune system.

The second possible side effect is headache or muscle ache. Some people may have experienced this side effect because, the rate at which the medicine is working is higher than the normal body functioning.

The third possible side effect is joint pain. Some may experience this side effect because, when the medicine is moving on your body, it does accumulate in the joints causing some pain.

The forth possible side effect is feeling tired. This is a normal effect because, when the medicine is working, it slows down the normal body functioning thus causing tiredness.

The fifth possible side effect is fever or temperature rises above thirty seven degrees Celsius. This is normal because when medicine is working, it may cause rapture in body functioning causing temperature rise above normal.

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