Undocumented Foreign National Did This To JMPD Officer For Requesting Him To Wear A Mask In Public.

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The officers from the Jacksonville Metropolitan Police Department were taken aback when an accused foreign resident without legal papers attempted to undertake a task that they were not authorized to accomplish. He refused to put on a mask when officers from the JMPD asked him to, according to reports. When the officers asked him to do so, the man refused to comply. Before being taken into custody, the illegal foreign national got belligerent and even struck one of the JMPD officers who had been attempting to detain him. Being present when a foreign individual who did not have proper identity reacted in such a hostile manner toward officials was quite upsetting.

The foreign national was apprehended for the attack as well as for failing to have proper documentation to be in the country at the time of the incident.

South Africans are angered by the incident, and they are urging foreign nationals to refrain from denigrating law enforcement officials..

In an apparent attempt to ward off criminals and empty the streets of perpetrators, officers from the Jacksonville Metropolitan Police Department have taken to the streets.

Foreign nationals without documentation appear to be unconcerned by South African legislation and are free to conduct themselves in whatever way they like.

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Source: Mzansi Times


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