Huge Blow To Teachers Who Didn't Go For Internships As TSC Now Set This Standard For Recruitment


It has now come to the attention of the public that the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has introduced a slot of internship as a standard to employ new teachers into the commission.

In a post shared online by blogger Robert Alai, a graduate teacher who has been looking for a job sent him a message decrying usage of internship as a standard to rate teachers for employment.

An anonymous user pointed out during the recruitment process, one will be awarded 30 marks if he/she went for an internship.

However, the anonymous user has decried the fact that some of the teachers were denied internship chances and the process itself wasn't mandatory.

"Imagine 30 marks for those who got the internship job which was not even voluntary!! Thousands did apply for the internship but only a few we selected -so having that as a criteria for recruitment is not fair at all . It is quite absurd that TSC locked out thousands who had applied for internship program and later revert to use it as a criteria for employment,I really feel that this is not fair at all," wrote the anonymous user.

According to the anonymous user, this standard will lock out many teachers who didn't go for internships not because they wanted to skip it but because they were denied a chance to.

This simply means one who didn't not attend an internship program must go for one to stand a chance of competing with others during the recruitment process.

Here is the screenshot of the Standard set: