Check Out Some Weird Photos That Earned A 25 Year Old Girl 4.6 Million Followers on Instagram


A 25 year old artist got 4.6 million followers on Instagram by taking weird and bizarre pictures check out 13 photos below.

These are 13 bizarre and thought-provoking pictures taken by a 25 year old Russian artisan, Ellen Shiedlin.

Shiedlina as she prefer to be called, has taken her artwork to another Stratosphere by combining makeup, digital art, fashion and photography . Her weird ideas and craft can be unsettling, but totally entertaining at the same time, stimulating the deep reaction and interpretation. Which makes her work very fascinating.

Behind her elegant figure and magnificent colours, her artistic work possess themes of deep messages and social commentary. Due to her edgy presence on social media, this photographer, painter, model and blogger has garnered 4.6 million Instagram followers with her thought-provoking photographs.

We have put together 13 of her bizarre pictures that will show you more reasons why she's so popular.




Instead of following the normal social media trends where people share cool and beautiful pictures, Shiedlin decided to take an entirely different route and it has made her an internet celebrity at such a very young age. she practices with different editing skills and photography combined with Make Up Appearances and imaginary outfit, to produce thought-provoking images that are completely off the hook.




She is smart enough to be entirely different from so many Instagram users and that uniqueness and originality played a great role in her journey to fame and success. At first glance, her artwork appear to be a colourful playground, but when you take a closer look at them you will find out that her photographs and not just fun, but have deeper meanings.

Most of the time, she uses her craft to portray her views on socially important issues such as social media critique, gender roles, millennial culture, mental health and other global issues.




In a 2019 interview with a Russian magazine, she said that she became very fond of the internet in her adolescent years, but she never imagined that it would be her source of income, her creative outlet and selling point.

According to Sheidlin, she found out that her fans were more interested in seeing her face. Her selfies gathered an amazing number of comments and likes, so she took advantage of that and decided that the perfect way to multiply and retain the interest of her fans was to add herself into her ideas.




She started using the internet when she was just 13 years old, and she didn't even have the slightest inkling that it would change her life so much. She said, "I'm very excited and grateful to my life for being born in the internet age. The internet is the best thing mankind has ever invented".

Today, Sheidlin works for some big companies like Nike, PayPal, BMW and L'Oreal.