Sanchez leads Intermilan to an astonishing win against Parma bringing them Closer to the Serie A cup


The Clash between Intermilan and Parma was a really nice game as Intermilan were able to secure a win against Parma there by pushing them to 59 points pushing them to a five point difference between them and AC Milan who are currently in the second position in the Serie A league table.

Inter Milan were also very close to winning the cup last year. But they were unable to as just as they were able to secure the cup it was snatched out of their hands by the Juventus who were being led by the superstar player Christiano Ronaldo. But it appears that this year that they are ready to take the cup home and are also refusing any one from taking the cup from them.

Their key player Lukalu is just two goals away from catching up to Christiano Ronaldo who has 20 goals and is on top while Lukalu has 18. Inter Milan who is one of the biggest team in Serie A are ready to secure the cup this year no matter the obstacles and this is why they are striving so hard in order to win

Although Parma was able to get in one goal it was still not able to make any difference I. The match as inter Milan who had already put in two goals were able to defend their victory till the end.

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