BONGZ: He loves Cape Town beach on the 1st day of December

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Bongz is loving the moment from the Cape Town beach on a sunny day. It was a beautiful day for everyone who was in Cape Town on the day. It is time for having good moments and people have already started the December experiences from social media waiting for good times.

The province within from the coastal line as Cape Town, is a wonderful environment to spend holidays within the mother city. Their is no doubt as even Bongz is loving the pictures he is capturing with his Kodak camera. One of the most loved camera. When it comes to social media is another story to go through the comments about what they are having in mind.



1. Licth Mwisi: He is on my age. 

2. Msuthu: Ask him if she could bring a cooler box and he is telling her to bring it. 

3. Ngarhwane: Future looks bright for Cape Town ladies with that Kodak camera. 

4. Mvelase: It looks like you have jumped me with those who are on the same age with you.

From the comment section, are loving the moment he is surprising them with. It looks like all the ladies wanted to join him on the Cape Town beach but then, the moment to take beautiful pictures with him are not possible for the day. He is indeed taking beautiful pictures with his camera.


When it comes to having a lifestyle, you must also take beautiful pictures that you are going to love at the end of the experience. It is a wonderful time for Bongz for being able to take beautiful pictures and his followers are loving them. But he keeps on embracing his camera a lot.

Their are many destinations within the mother city, but when it comes to Bongz he loves being around the beach. It is truly a beautiful place and you would not get disappoint at the end. Surely you are having your favourite places to be when you are in Cape Town and you must enjoy them.

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