5 Ways to catch fun this weekend

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Thank God it's Friday and I want to spend some quality time at home, so I drew up a list of things I can do at home that would turn out to be fun. After drawing up my list I decided to share them with you.

#1. Barbecue preparation : I was thinking instead of calling a professional to help us with the barbecue people Asia we could just do it ourselves.

#2. Movie night : I was hoping later in the evening I could put my family and my loved ones to a late night movie. And they also have to be family friendly

#3. Cook a special dish together : this is what they call all hands on Deck. everyone will join hand in cooking the meal and the you will be of a native delicacy.

#4. Dancing competition : dancing competition is not meant for kids alone. I was hoping to organise a little dance competition between friends will be hanging with me later.

#5. Invite friends over : instead of going to the restaurant, parks or mall, we could just have a get together and stay at home with some couple of friends.

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