Where God Is Taking You Requires That You Believe & Trust Him, Even Without A Sign—Joel Osteen

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God is a spiritual being. We cannot see him but, through the enablement of the holy spirit, we can connect to Him within a spiritual and mutual communion through the Lord Jesus Christ. But sometimes, you might need to hope on and trust in His promises even without seeing any vision or sign that could signify if God is saying something or giving you a sign of what is to be.

On this, Joel Osteen of Lake wood Church has taken to his verified Twitter page to share the video of a message on the faith that is required in the life of a believer even in the face of silence from God. In his words, the cleric has stressed that, where God is taking you, the amazing future he has planned, is going to require you to believe without a sign. It would require you to trust him when there’s no evidence.

The journey might seem not so sure and the path might seem rough but you just hope on to the faith in Him. According to the cleric, sometimes the reason God is not speaking nor giving any sign is that He trusts you and already knew you would hold on to the faith you have in Him. The end is always rewarding as God would fulfil all His promises for you and make things clear more than you have expected.

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