Mixed Reactions As Jay Boggie Shares New Photos Of Himself Online

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Daniel Anthony aka Jay Boogie, a well-known transgender, has taken to his own social media account to showcase some stunning images of himself. He's one of Nigeria's most handsome transgenders. And she has a large following on Instagram.

Jay Boogie is now having a good time in Abuja's Efab estate. He expressed his curiosity as to where she finds the fortitude and bravery to pursue her aspirations while defying all social norms. He also stated that God adores him. Jay also aspires to influence people with narrow views in a biased world.

Fans and celebrities in the entertainment business reacted positively to her stunning images on social media. Dee Vaah, Richie Demorest, and Nwaoha Vivian are among the celebs who have sent love emoticons.

Holubholar said, "For me, it's the way you cross your legs. Perhaps you should open it; I need to double-check something".

Daniel Anthony, also known as Jay Boogie, is a well-known transgender entrepreneur, model, and brand influencer who was born on June 26th, 1990. In addition, he works as a beauty consultant. In addition, he owns and operates a clothes store.

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