Kindly Do This If You Gave Out Wrong Contacts and Details During Huduma Number Registration Period


The process for registering on huduma numbers was done two years ago where people had to prevent themselves for registration process and give out detailed information on themselves including the contact details, county, division, location and sub locations they were born. Individuals were also taken a passport which is appearing on someone's huduma card. Two years later, the process for collecting the the huduma cards was rolled where all the huduma centers are issuing the huduma cards. Have you collected yours?

Many people as per the huduma Kenya website have not yet collected their huduma cards, some of them claiming that they did not yet receive the text message which was being sent to individuals who had provided their contacts. What should an individual do if or she gave out wrong contacts and details during the huduma number registration period? According to huduma Kenya website announced, it's about 37 million Kenyans who participated in this huduma number registration process.

According to Kenya news agency on information for development, the government Spokesperson Dr Cyrus Oguna spoke on the above subject matter and in quote said the following "If you gave out wrong information during the registration period of Huduma Number you will not get an SMS notification. When the next phase of registration is rolled out, we urge these and other Kenyans who never registered to ensure they do and give out the correct information.

He further said that the huduma number cards will replace the national identity card once it's totally rolled out.

Thank you.