Remember The Woman Who Had Plastic Surgery to Look Like a Dragon? See Some of Her Before Photos

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Meet Eva Medusa also known as the dragon lady, a tattoo fanatic who professes to be the most modified transgender woman in the whole globe.

Eva is from Bruni, Texas, and has spent more than 6000,000 ksh on body modification to look like a real dragon. She has a completely forked tongue, had most of her teeth removed, tattooed scales, and installed over 8 horns on her head.

Before 1997, Eva was living as a man and was working as a Vice President in one of the leading banks in America where she worked for more than 15 years and started as a clerk. But her life changed completely after she was diagnosed with HIV.

Eva who is now 57-year-old has undergone a series of transformations as she has had her nose reshaped, ears eliminated and the white part of her eyes permanently dyed green.

According to Eva, she can deal with being half human and half reptile but cannot stand being just a human because being human has caused her a lot of pain in her life.

Below are some of her recent photos.

Eva together with her son who is now a teenager.

Photos of Eva after undergoing extreme body modifications.

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