Akufo Has Initiated Steps To Purchase A New Bigger Presidential Jet - Akudzeto Ablakwa Discloses

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Quite recently there has been issues of several Ghanaians Lamenting the president of the Republic of Ghana for using tax payers money to hire a luxurious jet when several Ghanaians are suffering in the Country.

In some few minutes ago the member of Parliament for the North Tongu Constituency posted on his Facebook page and disclosing that, the president has initiated steps to purchase a new bigger presidential jet according to his spokesperson.

After abandoning Ghana's Presidential Jet and hiring another seemed like he was planning this all along.

According to Akdzeto Ablakwa, the president and his entire admnistration have woefully failed to give Ghanaians tangible reasons that the Falcon isn't fit for its purpose.

In the same Facebook post he revealed that Ghana's Presidential Jet is only 11 years old and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it and even Namibia's Presidential jet was 30 years and still in use.

This is the details of what he posted

What is your take on this issue, should that be the case?

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