Quit crediting individuals' prosperity to sakawa, drugs, and ashawo-Nana Aba. The Telecaster,

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Nana Aba Anamoah, has reproved individuals who generally propose any rich Ghanaian becoming prosperous through questionable means ought to stop that mentality.


As far as she is concerned, when a man makes monetary progress, many people in the country guarantee without evidence that it is through illegal drug dealings. While different men are additionally considered to acquire cash through sakawa, as per Nana Aba, the progress of most women in the nation is likewise credited to prostitution.

"At the point when you make it as a man in this country, they attribute it to sakawa or drugs." You make it as a lady, you're ashawo. Individuals who do this are forever caught in a snake pit. Awaken from indiscretion and endeavor to improve your life as well. "May God accompany every one of us."

Her post comes when web-based entertainment clients have been separated about the abundance shown by the offspring of a few lavish individuals from the general public and the marvelous showcase of entertainer Jackie Appiah's

Last week, Goddy, the child of Nana Kwame Cheddar, made a pretentious entry during the Ghana International School's (GIS) 2022 prom.

The child of the finance manager was one of a few rich children who became famous online following their appearance at the school's event.

Days after the fact, the extravagant goods in Jackie Appiah's home amazed numerous Ghanaians.

These happenings made numerous online entertainment clients question how she had obtained those things through questionable means with no demonstration.

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