Leaked iPhone 13 amazing features.

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We have been hearing alot of rumor about the iPhone 13 everywhere.

We are left with only few weeks before the iPhone 13 will be released, or maybe it might even be called iPhone 12s, apple releases a new iPhone every September and this time around we have heard alot argument about the design and it's amazing screen technology.

And while we wait until apple reveals the device, we are all expecting the device to be the best iPhone for photography and hopefully it is going to better than the iPhone 12.

Here is everything we know about the iPhone 13.

This is what a notch less iPhone 13 might look likeBecause apple always introduce a new design in every new iPhone and we might see something different in the device like a notch less screen.

Firstly apple might take their customer request of reducing the notch on the their device, because iPhone notch has remained the same since the release of the iPhone X.

Well by reducing the notch, it will improve better performance on iPhone apps, which will be good for digital artist.

Another interesting feature that the device might get is the new colours, we might get the first bright pink iPhone.

Another important feature it's the charging feature, the new iPhone 13 might be the first portless iPhone, since the iPhone 12 did not come with a charger in the box and also did not have any ear piece port, this could be interesting.

These are few information we got about the iPhone 13, they are many argument about other features in the iPhone 13 which has not yet be confirmed, like the camera and the battery.

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