GES to organise important workshop for staff from Monday, 13th September, 2021 to 1st October, 2021

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The medium of instruction in Kindergarten and Lower Primary schools across the country is Ghanaian Language. That is, one language among Twi, Dagbani, Ga, Ewe, Gonja and Nzema would be used by the teachers depending on the region and location of the school.

The Ghana Education Service has taken steps to ensure that our early grade pupils or learners would be able to translate from Ghanaian Language ( L1) to English Language ( L2) with relative ease.

In view of this, the Education Supervisory body wants to organise workshops and training programmes on Transition To English Language ( T2E PLUS Programme) for teachers at Kindergarten and Lower Primary levels throughout the country.

Various District Training and Public Relations Officers have been asked to inform Heads of Primary Schools about the impending activity. The workshop would start from Monday, 13th September, 2021 and end on Friday, 1st October, 2021. The workshop would be organised in batches or cohorts. It is a is non-residential workshop and will last up to three days for each cohort.

The Transition To English Language ( T2E plus) is a programme aimed at accelerating reading performances of pupils in all public Kindergarten and Primary schools. The T2E programme approach is to build on the success by Early Grade Reading ( EGR) programme.

Teachers will be equipped with skills on how to use strong and systematic phonic-based reading strategies and resources. Public Relation Officers of the District Education Directorates would also be given tutorials on how to communicate effectively with parents, media and other stakeholders on learning outcomes.

Each school would present four participants. That is, A Headteacher, a Curriculum Leader, Basic Stage one ( B. S 1 or P1) teacher and one Kindergarten Teacher.

This T2E programme is essentially for school that are not part of the Ghana Accountability for Learning Outcomes Project (NON-GALOP SCHOOLS ).

The programme was to be implemented last academic year. However, the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus delayed it.

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