See the beautiful Catholic lady that passed on: Her sister shares heartbreaking eulogies to her


Death they say is inevitable, nobody knows where or how so we live ready to face our creator.

It is something we cannot control, one thing we don't have power over. There are some losses that is so hard to bear, no matter what we do, the pain really bites really deep, and we can't help but cry and continue in tears.

It is very painful, seeing your sister, mother, father or your brother lifeless and knowing fully well that you cannot do anything about it and will never get to see them again.

Sometimes I just wish that God will take away death from us, I wish there could be another way round the clock.

A facebook user identified as Chidiebube Tasie, has expressed her grief over the death of her beloved sister.

She has shared a heart touching message, about her sister, you could feel the pain that emanates from her writing.

Tasie wrote," Death!!! Why have you come so early to my family keep all in pains and tears".

She went further to say that it is too painful to believe that she can't see her sister again and will be writing such to her at this early stage of life.

She lamented, what is this world all about when you don't see your loved ones again, she said she'll have her as an elder sister over and over again.

 She furthermore said that the deceased was too caring, her love had no discrimination, she's a lover of the gospel, a prayer warrior that prays and sings not minding the time and where she is.

She said her sister was her own Evangelist, her smiles alone could cure pains, her motivator, her Ulunma, sweet as always called by Unique, the love of God word, someone that loves everyone that comes close no matter the status of the person.

She said she misses her gossip mate, sister chinwendu, Mrs Eguzo, her computer analyst, and expressed how badly she misses her sister.

She said tears can't stop flowing and wished her farewell till they meet to part no more.

She concluded by saying she loves her sister so much.

Below is her burial poster, she will be buried on the 2nd of July 2020, her funeral service will be at Eke Market Parish (PCN)

There we're alots of comments on the post, which has sent chills on the spins of all who got to know about the death of this beautiful lady.

See the screenshot of the comments below:

May her gentle soul rest in peace.