What It Means When A Woman Has Saggy Breasts And What Causes It.

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In the medical field, saggy boobs is known as Breast Ptosis. Most ladies experience this and they may feel bad about it. These saggy breasts can look really bad and cause discomfort to a lot of ladies. Being saggy changes the shape and size of the breast in a bad way. In this article, I'll be talking about what saggy breasts mean and its causes.

What is Saggy Breasts or Breast Ptosis?

Saggy breasts or boobs is a common condition in women whereby the skin of the breasts becomes less tight and less able to hold up the weight of the breast tissues. To be saggy means when something starts to shrink and becomes less firm.

Who can have saggy breast?

Absolutely any woman can have it. Saggy boobs can occur naturally to anyone both old and young, depending on the way you take care of yourself. Even a 16 years old girl can have this condition.

What causes saggy breasts?

There are several habits or things that could cause a woman to have sagging breasts. According to International women's organization research, here are the reasons;

1. Menopause.

Menopause is the major cause of saggy breasts. When a woman enters menopause, she would definitely start experiencing saggy breasts. This is because her reproductive hormones will start reducing. And it causes a depreciation in the breasts.

2. Not wearing bra.

Most ladies don't know this but failure to wear bra often can also lead to saggy boobs. Regular wearing of a bra can help to keep the boobs firm and standing.

3. Drinking weight gain pills.

A lot of ladies are fond of going the extra mile just so that they could gain weight and look curvy. Some of them start taking all kinds of weight gain pills and this usually causes their breast to start sagging.

4. Getting pregnant very often.

When a woman experiences pregnancy on a steady or regular basis, it can make her reproductive hormones shrink. This can also increase her milk duct every time she gets pregnant leading to sagging breasts issues.

5. Big breast size.

When a woman naturally have a very big breast, it might tend to sag as she advances in age. It is normal for big breast to sag.

6. Low collagen level in the body.

Collagen deficiency in the body may also cause saggy breasts. Collagen is a very important protein that helps the skin to be firm, especially the breast.

Can a woman's breast be firm and stop sagging?

This is a nearly impossible thing to do. Most women who don't like the way their breast is shaped might start looking for ways to turn their situation around. According to experts, the only healthy way a woman can undo her saggy breasts is through proper surgery or an operation. It is quite expensive but it will give you a good result if you go to a professional.

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