Does You Want To Know If Your Girlfriend Is A Gold Digger? These Are The 3 Ways To Know


1.A gold digger will always want to go to some expensive restaurants.She wants to see if you can afford the services there or not.They will know the kind of man you are by looking at the cash you spend,if you have much cash they will stay but if you don't have they will go away.So if you want to test your girlfriend if she a gold digger then take her to cheap hotels and spend little cash on her ,do it continuously and see if she'll appreciate it and stay or she will embarrass and walk away.

2.A gold digger will ask you about your income on the first date.It's not bad to want to know somebody on a first date by asking them some questions, but asking more about the income is a big deal.You should ask yourself why she's only interested on your money.Such ladies are not for keeps because they will only squander your money and leave you.They don't love you they love your money.

3.A gold digger likes expensive things so if you get her a cheap gift then be ready to be embarrassed.Cheap gifts are like trash to them and they always expect extravagant gifts.They will never appreciate the gifts that comes from the heart.If you really want to know if your girlfriend is a gold digger then just get her some cheap necklaces or if you can make one by yourself then do it and give it to her.A gold digger will throw it away since she is not used to receiving those kind of gifts.If she's not a gold digger she will accept it whole hearted with a thank you.


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