New Details Emerge About The Woman Who Came From Saudi Arabia With Two Kids

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When merab came from Saudi Arabia to kenya, she came to ask for help from kenyans to help raise her kids.

Before she went to Saudi Arabia she had left her children here in kenya, she went to Saudi Arabia to hustle for her kids but came back with two children all from different fathers.

Kenyans contributed for her and were still investigating her. Most people were suspicious that she was pregnant due to the heavily she was dressed.

A few weeks after her first intervie, Merab came out to confess that she is 5 months pregnant (her last born is 11 months old). The difference between her last child and this other pregnancy is a difference of five months.

In her defence, she said that she was afraid of what people will think about her. She was also still in denial since this pregnancy was a mistake. She did not know nor expect to be pregnant.

Now that she was prayed for and got born again, she has decided to come out and confess the truth to everyone who helped her by contributing. The baby she is expecting is from a different father from the rest of the children she cane with from Saudi Arabia. Kenyans have sworn to stick by her thereby leading to this latest confession.

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