"Does Your husband know this is coming from you ...?" Female pastor asked for saying this.


Cheating has always been a challenge in so many relationships. Whilst some people may cheat because of material things like money, others get carried away by beauty into doing this filthy thing in marriage. Irrespective of who a partner cheats with, it still remains a big deal.

Cheating in a relationship or marriage can have so many implications on the victim. Many have divorced as a result of one partner being unfaithful. That is why it becomes a a general perception that a married man or woman is not supposed to have extra marital affairs with any other person aside his or her legitimate partner.

However, according to one female pastor who goes by name Pastor Mrs Veronica, making love with your husband's brother is not cheating. After this was posted on Facebook, many netizens did not agree with her on her opinion. What is even funny is that she didn't state whether making love with your wife's sister is also not cheating. What do you also think of this?

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