"I Am 25 But I Was Sent To The Children Section Of The Church Because I Am Short"- Lady


Several short people think that having a small body is a kind of disease or defect, it's just traits passed down from your mom's or dad's generation.

A Facebook post by Princess Nkem, in which she laments the fact her childish look and height don't favor her. She made a statement in her post that she went to church on a rainy day just to enter the adult service only to be directed to the children section.

This lady is almost 25, and it's hard to even believe she's that old, it's true what they say age is just a number she has the body structure and facial looks of a teenager.

Some people reacted to this telling her the pros and cons of having such looks, take a look at them below.


What will be your own opinion of this lady let me know in the comments, and I'll see you later.

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