Different Gown Ideas Mothers Can Copy From Chacha Eke & Mercy Johnson's Wardrobe Collection

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Mercy Johnson and Chacha Eke are among the Nigerian Female Celebrities who value fashion, and they always rock gorgeous outfits that can serve as inspiration to other fashionistas.

Below are some gown collections of Mercy Johnson and Chacha Eke's, which will surely inspire any mother that loves fashion. So if you want to upgrade your wardrobe with some unique and classy outfits, then get new ideas from the below collections.

Mercy Johnson's Gown Collections.

Above is a sweet gown sewing of Mercy Johnson which is perfect for special events like wedding ceremony, friends hangout and other special Sunday events. I admire the uniqueness on her attire, how the designer designed her upper part.

The design given to her breast part, is a sweet creativity that can be copied by other mothers who want to look stunning when stepping out for special events. Such attire can be wore perfectly with a high heels, which will add to the classy appearance of the woman.

The gown above is among the classy gown styles I have seen as a fashionista. The colour combo are great and matched each other. Her gown colours also played a good role to brighten her appearance as they perfect her skin tone, making her look wowing to sights.

The joining of two different materials and colour done in the above, proves a high sense of fashion. We can see how the designer joined another sweet material at her shoulder which also perfects the outfit as it matched her skin tone well.

She also gave a unique fashion inspiration to women who love lace, as she rocked a brown colour lace gown. Her lace gown has a simple sewing and also simple designs, which gave the wearer a unique appearance.

Her choice of gown colour were perfect, as it suits her skin tone, and gave her a bold appearance. Such outfit can be wore perfectly with a classy high heels.

Above is a corporate gown dress, and the wearer rocked it with a black high heel, which perfects her appearance and also made her look gorgeous/perfect for official works and meetings.

Every woman who is an official worker, can gain inspiration from the above corporate gown wear of Mercy Johnson. Note that such attires can be perfected with a matching colour high heels, just as she did above.

Mercy Johnson gave us a gorgeous gown appearance above, as she rocked a sweet red gown, which she perfected with a classy and well styled gele. Mothers can gain Idea from the above if they want to sew a gorgeous Church dress.

All above Mercy Johnson's gown collections are worth copying by mothers who value fashion and want to upgrade their closet with gorgeous gown styles.

Photo Credit: Instagram / mercyjohnson.

Chacha Eke's Gown Collections.

Above, Chacha Eke gave us a sweet fashion sense as she rocked her matured colour gown. I do much admire a lot from the above outfit of Chacha as the mixture of colours were perfect and worth copying by other fashion lovers.

The joinings were perfect and matured, it's proves a high sense of creativity. She also wore it with a classy high heels which has similar colour matching with her skin and outfit. Every woman who dresses up for events, should consider the kind of footwear to rock, and make sure it has colour perfection to either her skin tone or attire.

Chacha also gave us another gown inspiration with the above style and gown designs. It's an off shoulder gown sewing, which displayed her upper part well and made her look captivating to sights.

The matured colour mixing on her dress are topnotch and worth coping by designers and fashion lovers.

Above is a black lace sewing that should inspire lovers of lace. The lace has a simple and matured sewings, which gave her a bold look. I also love the styling at the upper part of her dress.

The black colour matched her skin tone, and gave her a stunning look. Such gowns are perfect for dinner parties, birthday parties and friends hangout.

Lovers of white gown should get inspired by the above sweet white gown appearance of Chacha Eke. It's a simple straight sewing that is perfect for mothers.

The design given to her breast part, is a high sense of creativity that can be copied by both designers and fashion lovers.

If you want to update your closet with good and gorgeous gowns, then get new ideas from the above gown collections of Chacha Eke and Mercy Johnson.

Drop your comments if you got inspired with a new fashion idea.

Photo Credit: Instagram / chachaekefaani

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