Full Story Unveiled: How And Why Jay Murdered Kafiu In HO


A guy named Jay has reportedly murdered his girlfriend who is known to be Kafui in cold blood just to satisfy his anger after he perceived the girlfriend was cheating on him. The sad incidence happened on Tuesday, 23rd March 2021.

According to sources, Jay found out that her girlfriend he has dated for years had slept with another guy some few days after they had a fight.

Upon hearing this, Jay became very furious and restless that morning and went to the ladies house for answers.

Upon arrival, witnesses claim they head loud quarrels from the room with the lady asking the guy to leave the room. Others also have it that, the lady requested a break-up between them, claiming the guy doesn't give him peace of mind.

Out of anger, he guy stabbed Kafui three times in the chest and neck. The girl bleeded profusely and couldn't make it out alive. 

Jay, realising the extent of crime he has committed, attempted to take his own live but failed to die.

Neighbours heard the noise from the room and rushed to stop whatever was going on in there. They came to meet Kafui in a pool of blood with Jay beside her also bleeding but alive. 

The neighbours immediately rushed Jay to a nearby hospital to receive first aid and await prosecution from authorities.

He is currently held in a ward at the Ho Teaching Hospital and is undergoing a live saving treatment.

He was rushed to the Ho Teaching Hospital afterwards where he’s currently undergoing treatment. The police have taken several statements from witnesses around the scene and are waiting for Jay's full recovery.

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