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It is quite pathetic to note that there is something called Unemployed Graduates Association in Ghana which suggests that there isn't enough work to go round in the country. Inasmuch as this may be true, it is not entirely the case. It is rather the case that most of us have not explored and be innovative enough to see the opportunities around us. One clear avenue for making money these days is the internet and if the internet then social media.

According to Satista.com as at January 2021, Facebook alone has about 2740 million subscribers followed by YouTube with 2291 and 2000 million subscribers. The others have similarly huge subscribers and this makes these spaces very ideal for businesses because of the huge numbers one can reach out to.

There are many ways to make money on social media. Four of such means are considered below.

1. Be a freelance journalist for Opera News Hub or a blogger in general.

Thankfully this very platform - Opera News Hub cherishes the effort it takes to pen down a few things and thus rewards you with some 'coins'. Instead of spending the whole day spinning words to woo ladies and gossip, why don't you channel it here for some cool cash?

Blogging may also do the trick but then unlike Opera News Hub that has already established and ever increasing viewership, you will have to work a little harder and with a lot of patience to be able to attract some traffic to your site/page which will eventually translate into some 'coins' for you.

2. Create a YouTube Channel

Becoming a YouTuber is another way of earning on social media. All you need is an email address to create a YouTube content. Go round and scout for news worthy content, edit and upload. Be reminded however that you will have to strictly abide by the rules of engagement on the platform else you will be barred and banned prematurely. Again and more importantly remember to monitize your channel. Read more to know what conditions must be met to be able to monitize your uploads. For some professional touch, you may as well use the same YouTube to learn some basic video editing skills.

3. Run live programs and shows on Facebook, Instagram etc. Live programs are also being monetized lately. It is as result of that, that many people go live to unfortunately tarnish and rain insult on others just to attract viewership. You can choose to be different. Look around your community, determine what is amiss and create a program that will address that. This should be a good start. Remember in all of these you will keep your friends in the loop - invite them onboard and encourage them to invite others.

4. Download Whatsad from Google Play Store and advertise people's product for a fee. Whatsad is an online market platform created by a Ghanaian cyber entrepreneur. Download from Google Playstore and follow the instruction to install and activate as an advertiser. Advertise people's businesses on your status and make some 'coins'.

It must needs be noted that success with earning social media won't come overnight. It will require patience, hard work and then we a lot of creativity for you to stand out and attract people to your channel.

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