"You Can Only Hide Behind Intellectual Camouflages," Pro-handshake Leader Launches Another Onslaught


Leaders are busy trying bring their political opponents down using any means available. Some are using corruption allegations to paint their competitors black. Others are spreading propaganda and fear among the electorates. Ruto and Honourable Raila Odinga are engaging in corruption accusations. It is unfortunate for Kenyans because both leaders have been mentioned in atleast one or two corruption cases.

According to blogger Silas Chepkeres, Ruto allies are creating an imaginary 'Railaphobia' in some Constituencies that never voted for Honourable Raila Odinga. He told Honourable Kabando who is allied to Ruto to stop hiding behind Tweeter. He told them to stop dividing Kenyans along tribal lines. "... My brother Kabando has morphed into a latter day ethnic demagogue..." Silas wrote in his Twitter account.

Do you think Ruto allies are afraid of Honourable Raila Odinga's presidential ambition? If Raila openly declare that he will seek presidency in 2022 general, will he make it? Share with us your opinion.

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