When I'm Giving A Chance To Be Pregnant Again, Twins Are No For Me


Many women dream to conceive with twins due to how lovely they are more especially when they are identical but don't forget most of them are very troublesome.

A young lady in her late thirties identified as Yvonne Rufaro Nzwere, who have been yarning for the fruit of the womb close to 4 years after marriage, fortunately got pregnant with twins. After a successful delivery, vows never to be pregnant again with twins when giving the chance.

According to her, at 9th months her tummy protruded beyond recognition as we can see how the skin stretched in the photo my goodness, while she couldn't walk 100m without tiring, it was a difficult birth, leading doctors to operate on her.

She had a boy and girl, the twins were too big, boy was 3,1kg and the girl was 2,9kg, they cry a lot, and many times they made her cry as well. "So if given a chance to be pregnant again, twins are not for me", She said

Naturally twins are blessings from God but I humbly plead with mums/sisters not to over-expose the body parts too much when pregnant.

I asked base on her testimony, will you still want to have twins?

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