ANC reported to be still blaming the Political Funding Act for its financial challenges

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African National Congress has been failing to pay its employees their salaries for a number of months .However , the party is reported to be alleging that the Political Funding Act has affected the party's ability to be able to raise funds to pay its employees .It was made known by eNCA that the party wanted some adjustments to be made regarding the Political Funding Act .The employees have as a result decided not to report for duty at Luthuli house .The eNCA managed to invite Mandla Qwane , who is the ANC employees representative committee member to help shed more light regarding what is happening at Luthuli House .

Mandla was asked how much the employees were owed and was asked how long they had not been paid . He said that it was not the first time for the ANC employees to have challenges regarding payment . Mandla would also say that the issue of non-payment was old news , but nothing had changed .It was shared by Mandla that the situation had worsened as they were still having payment issues .He said that that they still had challenges with medical aid .The issues regarding the welfare of employees was reportedly raised in June 2021, but nothing was done to resolve their concerns .

Mandla was asked to comment on the claims that the party was unable to raise funds as a result of the Political Funding Act , whether he believed the reason that had been alleged to the the cause of the challenges being faced .In response , he said that he called the story of the Political Funding Act as old news .He added that the challenges started in 2018 . Then , the Political Funding Act was not there .Mandla said that although they believed them , there was nothing solid from the leadership of ANC that proved that action was being taken to deal with the problem .


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