Meet The Brothers Who Changed Their Faces With Plastic Surgery, See Their Photos Before Surgery

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A lot of people have tried to change the way they look through plastic surgery and some of them have achieved their aim. The Bogdanoff Brothers whose real names are Igor and Grichka Bagdonoff are among the people who have undergo several surgeries just to change the way they look.

Although Igor and Grichka are twin brothers who share a striking resemblance, they still undergo surgery to change their faces because they wanted to look more identical. They spent a lot of money on different surgeries to achieve their aim, they did several surgeries on different parts of their bodies including their faces, chin and cheeks. Igor and Grichka are french actors who are good at playing the role of identical twins. After they did surgery to change their faces they became more popular and they have starred in lots of French Movies.

See some pictures of these twin brothers before they did surgery.

See them now after surgery

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