Crowd Goes Wild After Siaya Resident Refers DP Ruto as Baba- VIDEO

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There was a moment of Joyful Shouts and Cheers when another Siaya Resident referred Deputy President William Ruto as Baba (Political Name Mainly used to describe Raila's Might) during the Ongoing UDA Presidential Manifesto Launch in the Kasaranu Stadium.

According to the viral video clip seen by this writer, the Siaya Local identified as Omondo openly tells DP Ruto to courageously visit the Luo Nyanza Region and sell his Bid, adding that nobody will pelt stones at him.

And presenting his grievances via a speech that caused the attendees to shout in Joy, the Siaya Voter narrated how ordinary citizens are facing oppression from the government while their alleged political master is busy sitting and sleeping in high-end hotels thinking that he will scoop votes automatically come August 2022 general election.

"Baba Niko Hapa Kusema Ya Kwamba Siaya Na Nyanza Imeamua Ni Wewe. Kuja Bwana Baba Utafute Kura Lazima Tukupigie Kura..." omondi Said minutes before he walked into the podium to shake Ruto's Hand.

Watch from 1:11 to 1:40

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