"I Have Declared my Mother Dead in my Life Even When She is Alive, She Ruined my Life" Lady Narrates

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Anne Ngugi is a wonderful mother of two daughters but at her age she still remembers the spiteful things her mother did or said when she was growing up.

Anne Ngugi admits she was raised by a toxic mother who always blamed her and inflicted soo much pain in her life. She never got motherly love while she was growing up.

Anne Ngugi claims she was the only daughter in a family of five kids and she was her dad's favorite child and she suspects this might be the reason why her mum hates her soo much.

Her parents got separated and they started living with their mum but she was always bitter and she blamed Anne for everything. She even chased her away when she was young.

Anne went living in her boyfriend's house where the mother welcome and treated her like her own child. She later married the boyfriend and they were blessed with two kids and everything changed.

Her husband started cheating on her and this time they decided to separate. Her mother inlaw died of cancer and this made her very sad since she was the mother she never had while growing up.

Anne went back to her biological mother's house but she was not treated kindly and that's when she decided to leave and start a new life.

She got married to another man but her family never looked for her. After thirteen years of not meeting her family, she decided to visit her mum and also decided to built her a house.

All along Anne thought that her mum was sorry for everything she did to her but it was all an act. While she was about to start building a house for her mum, her brothers called and used abusive names on her and their mother supported them.

Anne got angry and declared her mum to be dead in her life since she has never accepted or even loved her. She has tried everything to make her mother love her but she ends up being disappointed.

Anne is happily married and she is almost turning 50 years but she no longer care about her family because she has tried her very best to be in peace with everyone but they hate her for no good reason.


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