I Was Scared Of Comfort's Threat- Richard Agu's Beautiful Wife Speaks Up After Marriage

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The newly wedded wife of the Richard Agu; Benedicta Langtaa has finally commented about how she felt prior to her marriage when the ex-fiancé of the husband threaten to raid her marriage ceremony. She has disclosed how frieghtening she felt when Comfort started embarrassing the husband over a supposed debt owed her.

Benedicta indicated that the knowledge about the threats was overwhelming to an extent that some pastors and elderly persons had to talk her out to 'screen off' the emotions associated. She indicated that the counselling and advice really helped her withstand the rather chaotic experience associated with her marriage.

Of some assurance to her was the fact that the husband had already informed her about 4-year old relationship he had with comfort and circumstances under which they got separated.

Benedicta stressed that Richard won her trust and for which she felt safer going into the marriage. She added that they have resolved to make their marriage to be insulated by past events especially the threats from Comfort Bliss.

Comfort Bliss had alleged that Richard Agu owes her an amount of GHC30,000.00 and demands to be refunded. It was reported that the ex-partners; Richard and Comfort had agreed to settle the issue lasr Monday.

In her account, Comfort stated that Richard had assured to honour payment on the said date but this is yet to materialize.

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