The first TV station in Ghana before any other station, it was established by a colonial master


We have a lot of TV stations in Ghana right now. As at the third quarter of 2017, the total number of TV operators authorized by the National Communications Authority (NCA) to operate in Ghana is 128. Out of the 128 TV stations, 21 Analogue Terrestrial Television. Examples of some TV stations in Ghana are; Joy Prime, Adom TV, Kantaka TV, Might TV, Sagani TV, Ntv, etc.

Have you ever asked yourself the first ever TV station in Ghana and when it was established?

The First Ever TV Station In Ghana

The first TV station in Ghana is ZOY. The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) was established by law in 1968 with a triple mandate as a State Broadcaster, Public Service Broadcaster, and a Commercial Broadcaster in Ghana. It is funded by broadcasting television commercials and the levying of a television license, costing 3 cedis (about  0.60)

The broadcasting service was originally known as Station ZOY, introduced on 31 July 1935 by the colonial Governor, Sir Arnold Hodson, before it was renamed to the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation upon the country's independence in 1957.


Broadcasting began in Ghana on July 31, 1935 from a wired relay station opened in Accra. The brain behind the introduction of broadcasting into the country was the then Governor of the Gold Coast, Sir Arnold Hodson, affectionately known as the "Sunshine Governor".

He was ably assisted by a British radio engineer, Mr. F.A.W. Byron. By 17:00GMT on that historic day, gramophone records of martial and light music were relayed and at exactly 17:45GMT the voice of Sir Arnold Hodson came through to break the tension and the suspense with this explicit message:

“One of the main reasons for introducing the Relay Service is to bring News, Entertainment and Music into the homes of all and sundry. This will bring to an end the barriers of isolation and ignorance in the path of progress and also to enable the people of Gold Coast to improve on their very rich cultural music".