7 ways of preventing your spouse from cheating


Looking at most marriages, cheating has become the order of the day, we now have a cheating wife and a cheating husband as the case may be. Cheating are caused by so many things, it can start from a very silly mistake of one of the couples or both that are not rectified in time, and it can be as a result of things we tag little and refuse to pay attention to now causing lots of harm in a relationship. Any marriage that will be devoid of cheating has to consiste of two people making conscious effort to make the best out their marriage. Here are some tips that can help to prevent cheating in a relationship:

1. Make yourselves best of friends: Best friends always find ways to reconcile when they are facing challenges in their relationship. However, some lovers fail to rekindle their love after petty arguments or separation. That’s why they say, it is always best to marry your best friend. When your spouse is your best friend, you won't want to cheat on him/her because you don't want anything that will hurt them. Also, when any problem arises you will be free to open up before the issue becomes too serious.

2. Communicate always: Find time out of your busy work schedule to call or text your partner at least twice before you go home. Keep them updated on your wellbeing and give them access to your calendar. This will prevent any doubts and keep them from worrying about you. Don't allow any barrier in the aspect of communication, when there is proper communication, it can help to prevent cheating in a relationship.

3. Support each other: Always support your spouse in their endeavors. Listen to them, share your opinions and help them to move their career forward. If it is outside your field of work, find experts who can give them the best advice on how to create a niche for themselves to achieve their set target. Also, support your spouse when he/she is passing through any challenge, don't despise your spouse in the time of challenges. The time of challenges and difficulty is the best time to show your spouse how much you love them by supporting them. If you despise your spouse in times of challenges someone else may help them out and they will begin to fall in love gradually for such person and this can lead to cheating in your marriage.

4. Avoid friend involvement in your marriage: Have you heard the saying ‘your enemy could be your best friend’?Talk to your pastor or any trusted elder member when you’re facing issues in your relationship. Your friends might give you bad advice which will eventually force you to divorce your spouse. Be mindful of whom you tell your marital issues to, it has a long way to go. Some friends can even advice you to cheat on your spouse as a pay back for what they have done wrong. Be careful with friends.

5. Keep the sex alive: Couples should try and have sex at least twice a week to satisfy each other sexual needs. Repetition is boring, read about new sex positions and experiment with your partner. Don't try to starve your spouse of sex no matter the situation, this can send them cheating on you. Don't be the cause of your spouse cheating on you, meet your spouses' sexual desire.

6. Spend reasonable time together: Make it a morning ritual to have breakfast together, shower together and do other fun things together. These moments are very priceless and very relevant to remind each other of the vows to stay together as one. Hang out in weekends, play together in your compound and don't keep any unnecessary gap between you and your spouse.

7. Take note of intruders: most of the times intruders are the things that bring about cheating in a relationship. Many things can be an intruder to your relationship, this can include things that take the attention of one or both couples that leave them with excuses not to meet their spouse's need. Intruders can include: work, children, in-laws, positions, financial pursuits etc. You must learn to balance things up between your spouse and every other things that you get involved in.

The truth about avoiding cheating is that both couple must make conscious effort to prevent cheating, you need to help your spouse by been there for him/her and been that good wife and that good husband so that your relationship can work out.

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