Home remedies for vaginal yeast infection, itchy or painful vagina

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have you been struggling or rather dreading to get your hands reach that certain location so you can ease yourself. Vaginal thrush is one of the most uncomfortable disease of females. It is a fungal infection caused by the microorganism candida which is a normal flora(healthy bacteria) of the vagina and aids to keep it healthy but under certain circumstances can cause disease.

Most women are affected by vaginal thrush at one stage of their life so it is important to note the things that might trigger it.

Who gets thrush?

Up to three out of four women will have at least one bout of thrush in their lives. In most cases it develops for no apparent reason. However, certain factors can make thrush more likely to develop. The vagina contains mucus and some harmless bacteria which help to defend the vagina from candidal infection (and other germs). These natural defences may be altered or upset by certain situations:

So in these situations you may be more likely to get thrush symptoms and develop thrush itself. You may also be more prone to recurring episodes (recurrent thrush) although some women develop repeated episodes of thrush with no obvious triggers. If you do suffer from recurrent thrush it is advisable to visit a health specialist.

There is some relationship between thrush and the female hormone estrogen. Thrush is much more common in the 'reproductive years', i.e the years between starting to have periods and stopping for menopause.

Some women are prone to thrush in certain times of their menstrual cycle - for example, before a period. The hormone changes of pregnancy make thrush more likely. It may be that hormone pills such as hormone replacement therapy and the combined oral contraceptive pill make you more prone to thrush.

home remedies for vaginal thrush:

1.Yogurt. Lactobacillus acidophilus, a “friendly” strain of bacteria present in yogurt, can control the growth of infection in the body.

2.Coconut Oil. Coconut oil has effective antifungal properties that can kill the fungi responsible for yeast infections.

3.Apple Cider Vinegar. Both apple cider vinegar and white vinegar contain some distinctive components that can control a yeast infection and get rid of the fungi causing it.

4.Garlic. Garlic is a very well-known herb that can be used to cure various ailments.

5.Cranberries. Cranberries contain both antibacterial and antifungal properties and can be used to fight the fungi responsible for yeast infection.

0ver the counter medication called canex v , found at pharmacy.

after getting healed here are some strategies to prevent recurrence. make sure you do not wear tight clothes or underwear, wear cotton under-wear and sometimes no underwear for your genitalia to breath. drink cranberry juice ,eat plain yoghurt for a healthy vaginal enviroment.

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