No wonder he has been running away from accountability and from Parliament - Isaac Adongo

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The Member of Parliament for Bolgatanga Central, Isaac Adongo has stated that he wasn't surprised that the Minister for Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta was "running away from public accountability and Parliament and that the Finance Minister wasn't truthful.

According to Hon. Isaac Adongo, the Finance Minister wasn't factual with the information he presented to Parliament while accounting for the country’s COVID-19 expenses. He emphasized that he agrees with the Speaker of Parliament's directive to probe the report presented by Ken Ofori Atta on the COVID-19 expenditure.

He further stated that people are hiding behind COVID to loot the public purse and that there were instances people who stood for elections were bold enough to say that they used COVID-19 money. He added that a further probe into the accountability provided by the Finance Minister is very important. He said, this will bring some transparency and further help to gain public trust.

Hon. Isaac Adongo who made this known on Eyewitness News specifically said "I just don’t know how this man [Ken Ofori-Atta] thought that he will just come and bamboozle [us] and get away with it. No wonder he has been running away from accountability and from Parliament all this while. People who contested elections openly claimed that they were given allocations of COVID money to spend, yet most of these monies did not even come as free money. People cannot hide behind COVID to plunder the public purse. They must account for it and the more open that process is, the better it is in claiming back the credibility of Parliament and the government architecture we set for ourselves,” he stated.

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