Man Revealed What He Saw Under The Bed In A Hotel He Paid N10,000.

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A man revealed what he saw beneath the bed in a hotel for which he had paid N10,000 in advance.

In a motel where he had paid N10,000 to stay, a young guy has expressed his displeasure with what he discovered beneath the bed.

An unidentified young man can be heard whining in a video posted online by a popular blogger about how he has had a wonderful night's sleep in all of the hotels he has stayed in, and that they are not nearly as expensive as the one for which he spent N10,000 and discovered something beneath the bed.

The young man claimed that he had given someone N10,000 in order to book him a good hotel in Lagos; but, when he arrived at the hotel, he was dissatisfied with the accommodations and chose to request a refund, which the hotel management refused to grant. The young man eventually made the decision to sleep in one of the bedrooms. During his sleep, the man claimed that he began to notice foul odours emanating from his bed. He then pulled the foam from his mattress and checked below it. Upon checking under the bed, he was shocked to discover how filthy and neglected the area was, and it appeared as though something had died in the hotel room.

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