Historical first ever visit: the Pope departs from Rome to Iraq.


Historical first ever visit: the Pope departs from Rome to Iraq.

Just this Friday, the Vicar of the Roman Catholic Church has departed from Rome to Iraq which has been one of the oldest troubled countries with the persecution of Christians. The Pope Frances mentioned that he would be visiting the Shiite Muslims and their top cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani as he goes there to strengthen peace. He left on Friday early for a 4 day visit to Iraq. Although the Pope has already been vaccinated but Iraq is still experiencing over 5000 covid 19 cases every day which has made them to inflict lock down even as the Pontiff would be arriving.

Despite a rocket fire at the US base on Wednesday, the Pope still vowed that he would continue his trip even though many are worried about his visit. His visit will touch the Christians in Iraq, this is because their population as at 2003 was 1.5 million but is now 400,000 today. The Pope goes there to implore peace in the nation as over the year, many Christians have been beheaded, forced to flee from the country and some even forced to convert to Islam.

The Pope will be welcomed by some top Islamic clerics and officials in Government. Please follow me on this page for more updates on the Popes visit in Iraq and when he will arrive Iraq.

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