Lady calls on the Min. Of Education to come to the aid of a little girl and ensure she gets justice.


Lady cries for justice as a 12years old girl who was expelled from her school after being abused by her teacher in order to protect the image of the school.

Source revealed that Mr. Daniel had given an assignment to take home over the weekend. However he singled out a little girl and asked her to meet him on fixed day so he can help her with her assignments. He wrote down his phone number for her and asked her to call him with any available phone.

On the said day, the little girl took her mum's phone and called her teacher who directed her to Meet him at his friends place.

The girls mother noticed her absence and went in search for her daughter. After much inquiry she realized that her daughter was at Mr. Daniel place. On reaching the address the little girl had already been abused.

Here's is a photo of the lady who seeks for justice for the girl .

Here also are screenshots of people's comments regarding the situation.pls like, share and give you positive contribute on how we can all get justice for the little girl in the comment section below.


Source - Twitter