I Never Married Grand P For His Money, Plus Size Model Eudoxie Yao Fires Back At Critics


Famous Ivorian Plus- Size model Eudoxie Yao, has expressed anger in a video she shared on her Facebook page warning people who were criticizing their relationship with fiancee Grand P.

In the video, the model warned people to stop claiming that she agreed to be Guinean famous musician because of money, as there was more going on in their relationship than than how people perceive it.

Eudoxie Yao' s fans commended her breaking her silence by strongly speaking to persons claiming she was with her fiancee for financial purposes.

Grand P, born Moussa Sandiana Kaba, is a known singer, actor, and social media personality.

He was born with Progeria, a growth deficiency disease that makes one looks old at birth.

Meanwhile, afer the famous Ivorian model and influencer, Eudoxie Yao posted a message on her Facebook page announcing to her curious fans about her pregnancy with her fiancé, Grand p, many fans couldn' t not believe what the read.

Internet users concluded it' s not possible and imagined a man as smallish as Grand P could impregnate a woman with very heavy backside.

After casting doubts, they still took the opportunity to congratulate her.

A fan, Ange Golé wrote:

" Me looking to know how Grand P did the work djah, he already validated. Really little hammer breaks big rock.

Congratulations to you and my prayer is that it will be a girl who will have the same format as you otherwise if it' s boy. . . yourself must see!

The diminutive, Guinean singer according to followers of Eudoxie Yao is not able to have s*ex with her before even impregnating her.

But Guinean singer won' t take any of that and have reacted accordingly.

In a direct post on Eudoxie Yao' s facebook page, Grand P claimed to be able to impregnate his fiancée, but that he prefers to wait for their wedding night.

This therefore again casts some doubts about the seriousness of their relationship as it appears Eudoxie Yao lied.

Judging from the way he expressed himself, one can easily conclude that he was really revolted by the criticisms towards him and won' t let it die without responding to it.

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