Unvaccinated citizens should take note as Ramaphosa tends to do this from next week.

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source: https://twitter.com/witty blonde/status/1445582386570293258?s=20 http://twitter.com/witty blonde/status/1445582386570293258?s=20 

The efforts to develop crowd insusceptibility are increasing in number with the passage of time. The government is constantly coming up with new ways to assist people in continuing to receive their own punch, but what does the future hold for those who refuse to be immunized? 

There has been continual visual confirmation of the doom that predicts a high majority of South Africans who are unwilling to receive the antibodies, and it isn't solid. Several academics claim that there are various emergency plans in place to assure cooperation if the unvaccinated population likes it: 

http://twitter.com/marissaLarkin/status/1445456290126262291?s=20 https://twitter.com/marissa larkin/status/1445456290126262291?s=20 http://twitter.com/marissa larkin/status/1445456290126262291?s=20 

"What disturbs me is that one of the Pfizer researchers claimed that the goal is to make life so tough for unvaccinated people that they would finally cave and get the vaccine. He does admit, though, that regular invulnerability is more grounded, and he is aware of the hazards associated with the vaccine "According to a person who did not want to be identified, 

Many South Africans have arrived armed to the teeth, believing that the President has deceived them. The Vax was not required when the pandemic first broke out, but that is no longer the case. Isn't that so? Shouldn't people be able to choose whether or not they need to be punched? This is clearly an affront to people's rights.

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