Look at the scars on her right hand, she suffered and abused indeed.

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On Thursday, April 21st, singwa Namhla two, a 35-year-old lady from the eastern cape, was shot and killed.

Singwa was shot nine times in the chest in a driveway by a hitman. Singwa has allegedly been the victim of her partner's gender-based violence for years.

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She was photographed with her family and friends. Singwa had been through a lot before she was killed. Consider the scars on her right hand. I'm curious as to what she was battered with. She had been in an uncomfortable, abusive, and unpleasant relationship. Many people have said or suggested that she should have ended the relationship, but she found it difficult to do so. How can you walk away from a relationship when you've hardly been beaten? The young lady was in desperate need of assistance, yet no one came forward to help her until she died. It's especially awful because the folks who murdered her are still living and well.

Her life was indeed a film. According to Mr. Blessing, the same man who abused her put her in a boot in 2009 and drove the car while she was in the boot. Imagine the distance she traveled with her from there to Durban. Who on earth could harm his wife like that? The young lady had had a difficult and full life.

Rumors have it that her lover abused her so violently that she was stunned. Women are beginning to limit their trust in men and boys because they are terrified of what happened to Hlehle happening to them.

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