Checkout The 7 Best Matches Of 2020. (Photos)

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2020 was a successful year in football game. It featured alot of good players that performed their best and hoped to win one award or another.

Hopefully, it was the best football year for some players and for some teams because they performed exceptionally well.

In the course of this, there are some matches that could be regarded as the best matches. The reason is that there must be something peculiar about these matches.

I will be dropping some pictures of the Seven, 7 best matches that were played in 2020

A.C. Milan scored 4 - 2 against Juventus in 2020

Aston Villa F.C. scored 7 - 2 against Liverpool in 2020.

Liverpool scored 5 - 3 against Chelsea in 2020

Tottenham scored 6 - 1 against Manchester United in 2020

Inter Milan scored 4 - 2 against A.C Milan in 2020

This particular match was very interesting as it was a clean sheet against the other team.

Bayern Munich scored 8 - 2 against Barcelona.

Infact, this particular match can be said to be the most interesting as Barcelona team were humiliated by Bayern Munich.

What do you have to say about this?

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