'This Is How Police Found A Stolen Bakkie

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Stolen Vehicle partly recovered attached to horse in Naledi, Soweto.

Although it is a common sight to find the stolen vehicles completely stripped like this it is completely the first to see it being dragged as a trailer at the back of a horse, The police officers who were following up on this case were equally shocked when they discovered that the vehicle which had been stolen was attached to the horse in Soweto.

There’re many areas in South Africa which are prone to car thefts and where stolen vehicles are recovered being stripped by the suspects or they are discovered completely abandoned by perpetrators of crimes who hijacked or stole them, and that is when the owners of those vehicles are lucky in some cases those cars disappear at the borders not to be seen again and in those cases it is very sad.

The suspects proceeded to hijack or steal these vehicles then they strip them for parts which they go to sell to secondhand car dealerships, and judging from the activities of the criminals you can come to the conclusion that this is a very profitable business.


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