The Best Couple Of The Month


Do you think true marriage still exist?

Indeed the current err, marriages are facing a lot of problems. Trust has lost its meaning in marriage. Love or care is no longer part of marriage to many people.

In addition, break ups are now the story of marriages. What do you think couples decide to break up? Is it because of financially unstable? Or due to unfaithfulness?

To my opinion, most marriages are breaking up not because of financial problem but because of loss of trust to each other.

April being babies month, Citizen TV news anchors; Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla are a true definition that true marriage works and have been an inspiration to many.

She turned a year a week after her hubby's birthday which was 17th April.

These two having been working together but still are couple.

They are good example to be followed by youths who admire to be good husbands and wives.