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Fellow reader's, here are signs a man will show if he wants to exchange vows with you.

 Many young women in a relationship are unaware of some of the signs a man will show when he is about to marry her. This has made it possible for them to mistake a man who is serious about marrying them for a man who just wants to play with their hearts and emotions. 




 A woman needs to know the difference between a man who is serious about her and a man who just wants to go on a date or a casual advertisement that doesn't last long. 


 1. A man who wants to marry you will ask you to meet your parents and relatives. This is a sign that a man wants to spend the rest of his life with you when he wants to know your parents and relatives as this will show that he has no secrets or other plans behind their relationship, he just wants to be their husband. 

 2. A man who wants to marry you will be happy to be recognized by you in public and even by your friends and family, he will not hesitate to introduce you to his friends, neighbours and also his companions when a man does. It's a sign that he wants to marry you and be your husband for life. 

 3. Just as he asked you to meet your parents, he also wants you to meet his parents by taking you with you and introducing yourself as their fiancé, especially if a man is old enough to get married or to be their father be. You harassed him to bring his fiancé home. 


 4. You will have the mentality that what is yours is his too because you will not want to joke about your career, you will oversee and advise your work or business knowing that it can benefit you both later on. You, after you have married as a man and woman, and let your purpose in life also be fulfilled. 

 5. A man who will marry you will not hesitate to tolerate and forgive your mistakes, he will know how to forgive and forget, if you insult him and do not use the insult as an excuse for your relationship, he will always be ready, let go of the passport, it makes you focused on the future and how you can be a better wife to him too.

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