"I'm Telling You In Some Jurisdictions, This Would Be An Impeachable Offence"-Hon. Inusah Fuseini


The former member of parliament for Tamale central, Hon. Inusah Fuseini has kicked against the president's directive to victims of the burnt galamsey equipment to go court. Speaking on the Pan African TV, he said the president has refused to use the constitutional provision in dealing with illegal mining.

He said president Akufo Addo promised to protect, defend and preserve the laws of the country. And the laws of the country include the minerals and mining Act. This Act deals with illegality within the mining sector. This mineral and mining act which provides seven steps of dealing with illegal mining. But this law does not authorise the burning of escavators and mining equipment.

"The president swears to respect the laws of the country but he is saying that for this one, I will not respect it. And if you want go to court. I'm telling you that if this were other jurisdictions, this would be an impeachable offence. Because you can not treat the laws of a country with impunity and still be the president of that country."

He therefore entreat the president to point the law that warrants the burning of excavators. He says maybe Ghanaians are yet to avert themselves to that particular law.

We are in this together that is why we lend our support. Our water bodies, forest covers are being destroyed and we cannot sit unconcern. If you cannot use the law to fight illegal mining, don't insult us by telling us to go to court.

He also mentioned he is very disappointed in the president because he never expected him to do that. He said it sends a bad signal on the president.

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