OPINION| Thandi Modise is trying so hard to balance everything for SANDF

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This is what you get when you give departments to people who never worked in the fields of that department, imagine giving health department to someone who has never worked on health before or give defense department to someone who never been a soldier, what that person knows about the department they are leading, well don't imagine nomore look at South Africa cadre deployment is what kills and suffocating this country. It's exactly what this government does it rewards people for supporting factions minister of police Cele has what police experience?Minister of minerals Gwede Mantashe has what experience, minister of transport fix fokol Mbalula has what transport experience nearly 30 years of destroying the army and someone is catching a wake up. I think it's too late though because the govt is living on borrowed money the other day I saw a video of how our army is doing training. I laughed so loud a joke to say the least there were too many big buses at the army. They can barely run properly if you can even call that running I've come to terms with the fact that the ANC government can't do anything right. It saves me from being disappointed all the time for there so many failuresThere is absolutely nothing that works as it should in this country everything is falling apart due to incompetency and corruption and mr President does nothing to clean up, fire his totally incompetent ministers, and take charge God help South Africa and this woman is wise I admire her brains, she's obviously trying so hard to balance everything for sandf because her budget is not enough, Elon Musk must be approached serious we are in a state of disaster, I am really disappointed about everything that is happening in this country and no one seems to be trying to fix anything


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