3 Signs That You Are Not In Love With The Person You Are In A Relationship With

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Sometimes we think that we are in love just because we are in a relationship. The truth is that, we can fall out of love, or totally not be in love with the person we are in a relationship with. Crazy right? Love fades and that is a fact.

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Below are 3 signs that you are not in love with the person you are currently in a relationship with.

1. Things happened too fast

You met them and before you knew it, you both are already dating. The friendship/talking phase, you skipped it. You didn't give each other the time to learn one another, learn your likes and dislikes, childhood and past trauma, and now you are questioning your inner self whether you truly 'love' this person. The answer is No.

2. Talking to the person feels like a chore or task

Have you ever felt like purposefully ignoring the calls of your partner? Or have you ever felt like returning their calls is a chore you do not want to attend to? Why would you even feel that way if you are in love with your partner? When you are truly in love, you would want to speak to your partner every minute of the day, and when they do not call you within an hour or two, your spirit yearns for them. But if your case is vice versa, then you do not love him or her.

3. Your partner gets you irritated easily

When the relationship was new, something as simple as the way he gulps his water or giggles during dinner was 'cute' to you. Now you see it as 'irritating'. Now you do not even want to hear his voice while eating. Suddenly you have remembered what 'table etiquette' is. If that is not falling out of love, then I don't know what is.

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